Disabilities involving shortness of breath

If you are applying for disability benefits because you have a serious impairment that involves shortness of breath, you should consider consulting an experienced Augusta Social Security disability attorney at Wilkinson & Magruder, LLP.

The lawyers at Wilkinson & Magruder will be able to walk you through a series of questions you are likely to encounter at your disability hearing such as the following:

  • What causes you to experience shortness of breath?
    • Pain in your chest?
    • Congestion in your lungs?
    • Do you suffer from asthma?
    • Certain types of weather?
    • Do you suffer from allergies?
    • Does speaking impact your ability to breath?
    • How about physical movement or exertion?
    • Does lying down cause a problem?
    • Do you ever hyperventilate?
    • Do you suffer from stress or experience panic attacks?
  • Do you use pillows when you sleep? If so, how many?
  • Does climbing stairs affect your ability to breath? If so, how many stairs can you climb before your breathing becomes impaired?
  • Can you walk? If so, how fast before you experience shortness of breath? How fast before you have to stop?
  • How does your environment affect your breathing? If there is gas, fumes, or dust in the air, how is your breathing impacted, if at all?
  • Do you ever wheeze? If so, how often?
  • Do you get lung infections? If so, how many have you had?
  • Have you experienced serious problems breathing, more than occasional shortness of breath?
    • If so, do you know what causes these serious episodes?
    • How often have these episodes occurred?
    • How long do they usually last?
    • Describe what occurs with you physically during these serious episodes?
  • Have you ever missed work in the past due to shortness of breath or a serious episode?
  • If you were to have a job, what would help prevent shortness of breath or serious breathing episodes? Would taking periodic breaks from work help? Or lying down? Or sitting in a certain position?

If you have more questions about applying for disability due to a breathing impairment, contact an Augusta disability attorney at Wilkinson & Magruder.

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